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#1 Suggestions, ideas, where to go next » First impressions. » 2015-06-26 11:41:29

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As you are looking for feedback I thought you would appreciate my first impressions of the unit.
Size is perfect, shape is very good. Case feels a little flimsy and would be improved if it was a little thicker. The clips on the removable back could do with a redesign, this type of clip has a habit of failing over a period of time and is easily damaged. The IR window is fine but have you considered moulding the back and the window of the unit in IR transparent plastic as a single piece. It will make assembly easier and much quicker. I know this would mean a tooling change but it could be incorporated with other good suggestions from the forum in hopefully the second generation of the device. I've not yet had the chance of testing the iRBeacon electronically but I am excited by the concept and I'm looking forward to getting it working in some of my projects.


#2 Re: Suggestions, ideas, where to go next » battery type » 2015-06-26 11:02:46

Received mine today, thanks. Waiting for the iOS app now! Any idea when it will be available.

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