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#1 General discussion » Where is everyone from Konkrete? » 2015-08-20 19:53:35

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I haven't seen any posts from Konkrete on this forum for some time. Where are you guys?

It would be good to get updates on the state of many things:

1) what's the roadmap for the iOS and android apps - when can we expect them to be usable? Many issues have already been raised on this forum (eg can't edit custom remotes once created) It would be good to see an approximate timetable for when these issues will be fixed. When will be iOS app be release to the general app store?

2) Several people have asked for API documentation so they can use the iRBeacon from other devices (eg RaspberryPi) are we ever going to get this? When?

Right now I have 5 rather useless plastic boxes on my desk and I'm feeling like a sucker...

#2 Re: General discussion » API details? » 2015-06-24 17:35:40

@servercobra Agreed! I've just received my devices from the indiegogo campaign but once I can write code to control IRbeacons I'll outfit the whole house.

#3 General discussion » API details? » 2015-06-22 23:49:25

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When do you plan to make an SDK available for 3rd-party app developers? What platforms will it support?

I'd like to control the iRBeacon from a RaspberryPi based home automation system so it would be great to have a published Linux SDK or details of the Bluetooth protocol used by the iRBeacon

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