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#1 Feature requests » Use with home automation » 2015-06-19 00:02:46

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A great feature can be the possibility to use irbeacon with home automation.
Two things for that:
- possibilty to bluetooth pairing with antoher device
- an api to execute command.

So with that, irbeacon permitt to control a lot of device with home automation!

When a precence in detect by a sensor in my tv room, the home automation can switch on tv for exemple.

Hope you find this idea usefull wink


#2 Re: Suggestions, ideas, where to go next » battery type » 2015-06-18 23:57:01


I just receive mine.

I agree with this suggestion and add another one wink
You can also print a QRcode link to a web page where two links for iphone and android application install.

By the way, my first irbeacon works great with a samsung TV.


hope you sell a lot!

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